At  Muve media we like to inspire a culture of creative thinkers and help them to evolve into the people they want to become creatively..


Through  inspiration and some vision we provide the following services to support all your needs: audio Production, video production, live eventsphotography, and event planning. we see what the vision of the client is, and through  a series of creative processes, we ensure to produce and provide  great service and respect to build lasting relationships 

What's your next muve ?


Amin Fleary's vision of a multimedia company emerging from the streets of Brooklyn was not only empowering, but an existential manifestation of a passion and love for music and all creative art..  

                                            What makes you original....?

Mahmoud Fleary took a different route, attending Long Island university studying media arts, focused on  the management of the business with a focus on sales growth and expansion.. He understood his brother's vision and wanted to help in making it a reality.  

       D. Julien brings the complete  artist perspective to the team. currently, d.julien also brings his             expertise in CLIENT relations & development, marketing, social media management, and overall operations to ensure that all clients needs are held dear to the core of the business. 





What Do You Believe ? 

36 Waverly Avenue I Brooklyn, NY 11205