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Bad Seed - Skinny Biggy Video Shoot

Brooklyn Breed artist "The Bad Seed" stopped by the studio last week to shoot some footage for his next single release off his new album entitled "Something Greater Than Myself" release date TBD. Fresh off of his last album release entitled "Four Finger Ring" he's back to work creating content and working on new music. The Bad Seed in my opinion has a energy that is electric and you can hear it in his music and see it in his visuals, he holds no punches with his delivery, and take it or leave attitude. This video obviously was inspired by the Notorious B.I.G, and guts of Hip Hop Culture. "The Bad Seed" stated that the inspiration for his latest single pretty much was Bars, and most people in our culture consider Biggie the goat; he also said a lot of people in the neighborhood compare him to B.I.G and that's where the title for the single came from, "Skinny Biggie". While they were shooting at the studio i had a chance to listen to the record and the beat was fire, lyrics where in your face, and Bad Seeds voice alone makes him a force to be reckoned with. Below is some footage and video from his shoot. Make sure you all stay tuned in for the release.

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