My photographer checklist (How i prepare for a shoot)

I've been a shooter (Photographer) for quite some time now, and i have to admit i've made some pretty badddd mistakes when it comes to preparing for a shoot. I figured i'd help you all out if your a new photographer or been in a game for a while; this checklist still may be of value to you.

1. This is a pretty simple one but we all have done it. Make Sure All Your Equipment Batteries Are Charged.

I can't stress this one enough, theres been times i have been on a shoot and felt limited, stressed, and frustrated because my battery life was minimal. This is nothing better for a photographer than know your camera and other equipment are fully charged and ready to go

2. Double check your camera and gear to make sure all settings are optimal for your particular style of shooting that day

This is pretty high up to me as well. I've been on shoots looking like i don't know how to use my own equipment before because i did not prepare for the type of shoot it would be. For example, if your shooting a sports game, double check your settings to make sure you'll be able to move quickly and take the best possible picture that you can without having to shuffle through configurations during the gig. You might miss the best part of the shoot because your settings where still set up for the shoot you had on another day

3. Format your SD card and make sure you have enough storage space

You should have a minimum of 2 SD Cards on you while shooting. Two because you never know if one SD card might get damage before the shoot or whild the shoot is going on. Its good practice to have a sufficient backup just in case you need more storage space or the primary SD card just isn't working correctly.

4. Make A Decision on lighting and stick to it

So i'm bringing this up because of my experience as a confused photographer in the past. When i first started using flashes and strobes i mistakenly thought i should use strobes for every shot. Well now i'm realizing i was wrong; Shooting with strobes is subjective when you are outdoors or indoors. You should have an idea of the type of shoots you would like to capture before you leave the house and stick to it. Don't drag around extra equipment that you might not end up using, when you make a decision on a type of shoot you want; it forces you to create and think of ways of perfecting the shoot with the resources you decided to bring. Overall i think this process of making a decision and sticking to it makes you a better photographer in the long run.

those are a couple major things I check for before I head out for a shoot. I usually do this check the day before, or if its a same day booking; a couple hours before my shoot begins. Hopefully this will help you when you begin planning your next shoot! Thanks for reading now go out and take some amazing photos!!

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