SXSW 2019 #ArtIsLife (Through The Eyes Of A Creator)

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

SXSW Was a great experience involving media revolutionaries of all kinds. This is a look at SXSW 2019 through my eyes. Just my opinion, and story told through my photographic lens. Enjoy! (What to expect) Photos of @KendraScott Launch @Dreezy Performance @PinkSweats @SamFender @FoodForCougars @Buddy Performance @SXSW @VoxMedia Event @SXSW @VANS and @Thrasher Event Photos of influential Cultural unofficial SXSW events in Austin. Photos of the the @CultureHouse19 Event ft T.I. @Troubleman31 @ @marloncnichols @Delane CEO of @Playvs @BryanMichaelCox also live panel with @jprincerespect (Video)

Dreezy Performance/ Bud light Event

I made it a priority to catch Dreezys performance because i think she's a really dope artist. What i like about dreezy is her delivery, cadence, and reputation as a successful underdog if that makes any sense to you. I feel like the space that Dreezys in forces her to put her best foot forward because she approaches her artistry from a independent point of view. She has hits but doesn't act like it, she has a track record but doesn't act like it. Her hunger seems to be never ending and in my opinion that's what an artist needs in order to become an unstoppable force. Once she gets maybe one more hit that is like massive i think she will be the next female artist to really take over. She is unlike other female artist who focus on sex appeal more so than skill similar to rhapsody but with more of a mainstream style of music.

VOX Media/ Taco Meetup Events

These photos were taken at the Vox Media Event at SXSW. This was one of the first events i had the pleasure of attending and it was a great introduction event to the festival for me. Very laid back atmosphere, and had a wave of motivated people all over the place. There where vendors serving tacos, health drinks and more. Check out @KevitaDrinks on instagram.

Kendra Scott event and the sxsw Lines!

The lines are one of the flaws of sxsw, But it was expected since sxsw has so many amazing events going on throughout the festival. Just a warning for future attendees, if there is a popular event ( US movie premiere 2019 ) you most definitely want to attend, get there early and make sure you use the sxsw go app express option. In order to get an express pass you had to reserve your pass at 9 am on the dot on the day before the event. On the other hand some events are more low key, and elegant like the Kendra Scott jewelry launch event. After all the chaos of the day it was cool to attend this event. Great people, incredible merchandise and very well organized event. This was a highlight of my evening after the long lines and networking.

@Thrasher/ Vans Event (SXSW)

So here's another piece of advice from my experience. If you are going to SXSW to network and make connections i would suggest coming down for the first week of the festival. Once the music events start kicking in things get a little crazy! You can still make connections however you deem necessary, but i feel like the first part of the festival is filled with people looking to network and do business more so than discover the next big artist or producer (Just my opinion). The music started and everything became really amazing! During this part of the festival i could actually see how music and the business of music brings so many of us together for a common goal #DOPESHIT! I went to a couple of music events and did some video work as well as took some photos of some artist not all artist. There are so many performers, all creditable with there own unique small following. I never really knew how big of an impact that Hip Hop in particular has on American culture, it's the leading genre in music right now which seems crazy since it originated from the streets of NY. Hip Hop music is bigger than any of us could have imagined right now, there's no color borders as far as race anymore: it has become a culture within a culture that is being redefined and changing the world as we speak. I know thats a little heavy but that's just what i saw.

Culture House 2019 (Panel discussion ft T.I., Bryan Michael Cox, Jason Jeter, Peter Pham, Delane Parnell, and Marlon Nichols

This event was another highlight of my sxsw experience. The Culture House 2019 consisted of a house filled with individuals that could potentially change the world. There were all types of creators, investors, and storytellers in attendance. People were just very open with each other on all levels, so i would say this event leveled out the playing field for everyone. You could be casually talking to someone that could change your life and vice versa; What i mean by that is when passion, drive, capital, and creativity at its highest platform are in a room together only great things come to be from that equation. The panelist were very detailed and honest about their journey, accomplishments, and future plans. I walked out of this Event feeling inspired over all.

Pictures from Culture House 2019

for more photos from the Culture House 19 event visit

J Prince Interview - The Art & Science Of Respect

J Prince is someone i admire in terms of his hustle, dedication, and business savvy. His book "The Art & Science Of Respect" is more like a road map for anyone interested in starting a company of any kind. People don't really grasp the idea of creating something from scratch and standing firmly by it watching it grow. I feel like J Prince embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship on another level unlike other well known African American music business execs. His humility is something that i respect because he is really, really successful and wealthy but doesn't walk around showcasing that fact about himself, he in turn is trying to help others that relate to what he's been through and want to get to where he is with knowledge and guidance. In a dog eat dog world where the people on top rarely extend a hand down to those below them with a relatable drive and passion; J Prince seems to thrive off of helping others succeed and that's just mind blowing to me!

Food For Cougars / Cannabis Legalize it

I'm a huge advocate for legalizing marijuana and it seems like SXSW is in accord with that as well. We all know weed won't be illegal anywhere soon and i'm very excited about it but also a little angry as well. I'm from the hood, and dabbled in selling marijuana for a few and witnessed a lot of friends i know get locked up for selling weed. One of the reasons i stopped was i didn't wanna go to jail and i just wasn't making enough money cause i didn't wanna risk doing anything major. Now where having talks of legalizing a substance that people from my neighborhood have been selling, and smoking for decades; our culture has a history with marijuana. It seems like the more accepted our culture has become that all things in line with it has become accepted as well. I personally would like to see everyone who has been convicted of some sort of crime for distributing marijuana have all charges dropped, and if there doing time they should be released. I could go on for days with that so let's get to "Food For Cougars". The lead singer of this ban happens to be one of my mentors from Brooklyn! I was walking into an event, looked to my left and surprisingly saw his band performing! Watching his band perform was like listening to a black country western music driven audio book about a hustler growing up in Brooklyn......Crazy right!! We got to reconnect and began talking about how presently the world is going through drastic change with lots of opportunity for individuals who have the will to take advantage of it. It is really a special time to be alive, the future is now.

6th st aka (The Strip) Performances (Sam Fender, Pink Sweats) Unofficial SXSW Events!

So 6th st which me and my friends just began to call the strip was a go to every night of sxsw. Most of the woman we saw on the strip were beautiful and i started to get an idea of how woman in Texas are built, yes i'm talking about their bodies. The woman in Texas are thick! lol. they eat well out here and aren't ashamed of it and there attitudes are very comforting and inviting which was a huge switch for me being a city boy. There was lots of food trucks everywhere, great performers on the street like @ItsArichi (Ari Chi) who i happened to run into heading to @SamFender and @PinkSweats live performance event. Check her out, amazing vocals. During the week i also made it to some unofficial SXSW events that were very cool. The first one i went too was a house lounge party where we all ate food, listened to some cool classic hip hop (the dj used actual records and not serato! Classic!) and smoked some real good home grown. The second event was in a (what we in new york call corner store or bodega) type of venue on the strip where they served classic snacks and cereal! I wasn't hungry but i was just really impress with the respect that the people in Austin had for classic goods of all kinds. There is a sense of authenticity in Austin that the people embody. I ended that day with some incredible performances by Sam Fender and Pink Sweats!! If you haven't heard about these guys please search on whatever streaming media app you have and put yourself on to game, fire!

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