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The Miles Davis x Voodo Fe´ Capsule Collection Event

Curated By Zaire Baptist

On Saturday 12th, 2022 I had the pleasure of attending a really cool, and interesting event to say the least curated by a friend of mine whose name is "Zaire Baptist" which involved the viewing of his short film starring "Voodo Fe´inspired by his "Miles Davis" Collection, creative dance, spoken word/ Hip Hop performances, and one of one Merch available for purchase . Zaire describes himself as, and i quote sourced from his instagram description as an "idea curator, NFT designer, and Web 3 Educator".

Voodo Fe´ is a prolific Renaissance Artist with over 8,000 works of art in multiple mediums. He designs for iconic brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, the NFL, the NBA and was commissioned to do a piece for Beyonce´. Yesterday was my first time having the opportunity to see some of his work at his gallery in person, and i was really impressed with the detail and quality of his work. His paintings were created based on my observation with acrylic paints, newspaper, and even paper mache if i'm not mistaken; put together to create introspective images of "Miles Davis", "DMC, and other stunning pieces of art. Below are a couple of photos of his work, and videos of the performance art that happen throughout the evening, enjoy!

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