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Media Production Company based in Brooklyn, NY providing Photo, Video, Podcast, Music Production, and Wedding Services

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Muve Podcast



Audio Recording

We have multiple ways to record audio to get the best results for each unique scenario, from simple to complex audio recording set ups. 


Video Angles

We can provide up to 6 different camera angles, connected to a live switcher, for seamless angle selection during recording.  



Your booking can come with a highly trained videographer that will make sure your video recording comes out top notch with the ability to compete with the elite.


Live Streaming

Our studio is fully equipped for live streaming media in up to 6K resolution.


Sound Efx

You have the ability to add your own sound efx that you can activate during your podcast via a button on our Zoom Podcaster or even upload your own music to play at anytime during your recording.


Lighting Technician

We have a lighting technician available that can help you achieve the look you're going for. If interested, contact us to discuss your unique set up options.